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About Course

In this course, students learn the basic and advanced level of chemistry chapters for their school/college level. In this course, topics like Dimensions, Applications of Dimensions, Scalars and Vectors, Addition and Subtraction of Vectors, Multiplication of Vectors, Vector Components are covered. Students who are majoring in Physics can enroll in this course and polish their skills with our online Physics tutors.

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Course Content

Chapter 1: Making measurements
This chapter will discuss measuring of length and volume, units of length and volume, methods to improve precision in the measurements using vernier calipers and screw gauge, calculating and measuring density, measuring time including measuring very short amounts of time.

  • Making measurements

Chapter 2: Motion
In this chapter, students will learn about measuring speed, understanding speed, the concept of distance, time and speed, measuring speed in the lab, distance-time graphs, understanding acceleration, speed-time graphs, calculating speed and acceleration, speed and velocity as vectors and scalars, units of acceleration and acceleration from speed-time graphs.

Chapter 3: Forces and Motion
This chapter will include the relation between force and motion, force and acceleration, the concepts of mass, weight and gravity, distinguishing mass and weight, falling and turning, and relation with gravitational force, force, mass and acceleration, the idea of momentum, momentum in a collision, and addition and subtraction of vectors

Chapter 4: Turning Effect of Force
This will include an introduction to the moment of force, the concept of equilibrium, stability and center of mass and finding the center of mass

Chapter 5: Forces and Matter
This will include the topics of force acting on solids, stretching springs, Hooke’s law, the concept of pressure and measuring and calculating pressure

Chapter 6: Energy Transformations and Energy Transfer
This chapter will include an introduction to different forms of energy, energy conversions, conservation of energy, energy efficiency and energy calculations including gravitational potential energy and kinetic energy

Chapter 7: Energy Resources
This chapter discusses various resources of energy including solar energy, wind and wave energy, biomass fuel, fossil fuels, nuclear fuels, waterpower, geothermal energy, renewable and nonrenewable sources of energies and a comparison between various resources of energy

Chapter 8: Work and Power
This chapter includes the topics of work done, calculation of work done, work done and its relation to potential energy, forces without work, the concept of power and calculation of power