Online Tutors Camp


Duration of class will be 50 minutes minimum which could be extended up to 1 hour on need basis.

Currently we have two plans

  • 3-Day Plan    in this plan 3 classes are scheduled for a week. Total 12 classes a month. (validity of classes is 5 weeks)
  • 5-Day Plan in this plan 5 classes are scheduled for a week. Total 20 classes a month. (validity of classes is 5 weeks)

It means that classes needs to be taken in maximum of 5 weeks (if some classes are missed by students due to any valid reasons)


Fee depends upon the grade of student and plan. For details, feel free to contact us. Our support team as always here to help you.


Mode classes is online. We have options of Skype and Zoom both whichever is comfortable for our clients.

Our teachers are well equipped with modern tools and techniques. We use digital boards where teachers explains the topics while student monitors it live. Moreover, schedule for a free demo lesson for your satisfaction to the fullest.

We have a team of experienced teacher who have core expertise in teaching mathematics and sciences to the students of UK/USA and Canada. They are well aware of the education system followed in the respective countries. Let’s have a trial class