Online Tutors Camp

Grade One Math lessons carry so much fun and important ideas. Your children and online Math tutor feel excited when they get to work, try new things and explore new ways of learning. Our dedicated faculty members teach your kids with so much fatherly/motherly affection that they feel a great interest in their subject and wait impatiently for the next class. Whatever your kid’s math curriculum is, our online tutor will surely help.

• Counting, place value and number patterns
• Addition, subtraction • Mixed operations,
• Measurement
• Time
• Money
• Data & Graphs
• Geometry
Math curriculum may vary in every state and district, but the basic skills and concepts your children will likely be covering in grade 2 are almost similar. We welcome parents to join our online tuition program and take their kid’s Mathematical skills to the next level. Here are those skills.
• Counting and number patterns<
• One-digit addition, two-digit addition, three-digit addition
• One-digit subtraction, two-digit-subtraction, three-digit subtraction
• Number System
• Comparison and order
• Place values, logical reasoning
• Two/three-dimensional shapes
• Time and money
• Measurement
• Multiplication

Our online mathematics tutoring is for everyone who wants to excel in the class, present well-prepared homework and assignments. In one-on-one live tuition classes, experienced staff members will throw light on every minute detail and provide help to your kids where they need it most. Confidently select the timetable that can work best for your son/daughter. Here are the host of skills and techniques your child will learn in grade three

• Numbers and comparison
• Addition, subtraction, division, multiplication
• Place value
• Estimation and rounding
• Fractions
• Geometric measurement
• Decimals
• Logical reasoning
• Time, money
• Data and graphs
• Two/three-dimensional shapes
• Area and Perimeter